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"That's my target" the woman says. "Good luck". She pushes you towards the wolf, and you begin walking towards it.
The wolf growls, eyeing you. You feel fear, but try not to show it. The wolf prowls forward, growling. It gets down low, and begins to charge towards you. You freeze in fear, and the wolf tackles you. It pins you to the ground, and stares into your eyes. The fear is too much, and you begin to cry. The wolf looks at you confused. You close your eyes, waiting for the teeth to sink into your flesh.
The pain never comes. You open your eyes, and notice the wolf has been stabbed in the side. It whimpers, and rolls off you. You look at the wolf, and see a silver sword sticking out of it. You notice the woman from before holding the sword, and a dead second wolf next to her. She grabs you by the hand, and pulls you up.
"Come on" she says.
You follow the woman to the camp. The woman cuts the wolf's head off, and slings it over her back.
"That's my prize" she says. "I bagged two, what did you get?
You show her the cut up tree bark, and she heads begins to shake.
"You're insane" she says. "That's what you got. Let me see that". You give her the bark, and she rolls her eyes. "You're just lucky I'm a kind lady, or you'd be in trouble. I'm heading to the pack now. You can come if you want". You happily agree, and follow her.
"What's your name?" she asks.
You go to answer and find your name has been removed from your mind. You feel around in your mind, but it feels empty. The woman stops walking.
"What's wrong with you?" she asks, concerned.
"I can't remember my name" you say.
"What?". She frantically feels your head, as if that'll trigger something.
"Ah!" she says, pulling her hand out of your head. "You must've hit your head. Don't worry, I'll call you whatever I'm feeling right now"."Lioness is a suitable name, until you earn a proper one" she says, smiling. "It's a start". You agree with her, and continue walking. Soon, you arrive at the camp. The camp is small, with about nine tents. It's larger than your old camp, but not by much. You see a large pile of fur and meat in the center of the tent, no doubt from whatever hunt the woman brought in.
You go over to eat but are held back by the women. "Alpha male eats first." She says. The other women nod in agreement, and you see the large male eat. Once he's finished, the others eat. You are held back until they are finished too. By then, it's nightfall. The women set up tents, and beckon you over. "It's your first night with us" the women say. "Our Alpha has requested to meet you tomorrow. She wants to see if you would make a suitable mate". A female comes up to the side of you, and offers you a fur to sleep in. You thank her, and fall asleep.

Written by aidungeon on 12 January 2021

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