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Daniel woke up in the middle of the night panting because of how hot. He thrashed against his blankets, twisting them around himself until he finally managed to push them off the side of the bed. He still felt hot, but not nearly as hot. He panted again and thought that it might actually be nice to take a cold shower. He stepped out of bed and staggered, feeling suddenly uncertain on his feet. What was going on?


He walked slowly towards the bathroom, his stride short thanks to the fact that his toes seemed to bite into the carpet. Worse, with each step he took he felt his heels lift higher and higher as he became more reliant on the front of his feet to walk. He nearly fell over once or twice and so he had to steady himself against the wall and it almost seemed like his fingers scratched the paint more than regular nails should. There too was something always lingering at the fringe of his vision, dark and pointed.


Finally he reached his bathroom, stumbling just past the door and catching himself on the sink. He nearly sank down to the floor, but managed to pull himself even as his hips shuddered suddenly. Barely maintaining a standing stance, he flicked on the lights.


He gasped and nearly fell over because of what he saw in the mirror. His body was so much different now. His nose and mouth as he knew them once no longer existed. Instead he had a short vulpine muzzle, a protrusion that was the lingering object in his vision that he had noticed only mere moments ago. He touched his wet, black nose while at the same time noticing the red fur upon it, the same fur that was spreading over the rest of his body. He panted, his long pink tongue lolling out as he became only hotter.


He stepped towards the shower and nearly fell again. He whimpered and looked down at his feet. They were totally foxlike, black paws, claws, and digitigrade stance included. The same black fur climbed up his to his ankles before abruptly shifting shades to red. He shook his head at the sight, causing hair fall into his eyes.


He brushed his hair away, idly wondering when it had grown so long and soft and red before he made it to the shower. He stepped inside, pulling the curtain tight behind him and reached for the faucet. He paused, because he saw that they too were animalistic in appearance, his digits shorter and more slender and covered in black fur. They too had claws, and his arms bristled as scarlet fur rushed over his skin. He panted again and felt his tongue brush against his canine teeth, their points so sharp and solid. He was so very, very hot so without a thought he turned the knob.


Cold water sprayed out, instantly granting him some relief but also reminding him that he had failed to remove his nightshirt and underwear. For a moment he didn't care, but then his chest began to itch. He looked down at his nightshirt. It has always been baggy and a bit large but now it seemed baggier somehow, even soaked as it was. His underwear too seemed loose on his hips which appeared wider than he remembered.


With some effort he removed his shirt and threw it over the curtain's rail before moving onto his underwear. This slipped off his hips easily enough, and met the same fate as his shirt. Now that he was in the nude, he looked down at his body.


His form was mostly furred, sigh only a few portions of pink skin here and there that weren't covered with the scarlet stuff and those areas were steadily decreasing. Putting what he had seen in the mirror together in his mind with what he saw now, Daniel realized he resembled some sort of humanoid fox sans the tail. His proportions were slighter now too, his arms more slender, his white-furred stomach almost completely smooth, and his legs were long and skinny. He also couldn’t be sure, but he felt like he might be shorter too, if the shower’s faucet appearing higher up than before was any indicator. Despite all this and as strange as it sounded, more of him had changed and yet he felt the same.


He shivered in the shower, feeling more cold than hot now. He turned off the shower and stepped out, taking a towel as he moved to the mirror. While he dried himself off, a process he found harder to do with all his fur, he looked himself over once more in the reflection.


He was indeed a fox anthro, and a wet and sleepy one at that. The cold water had made him feel more tired somehow. He yawned and continued to dry himself off until he was at least somewhat sure he wouldn’t soak his sheets. Afterwards, he put the towel up, turned off the bathroom light, and returned to bed. He fell asleep easily enough.

Written by skiesofsilver on 24 February 2017

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