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It aint easy being green. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You look at them, and decide to put one on, just to joke around. You put the shell up over your head, and slip it on. You can almost here your friends voices mocking you, as if they knew what you are doing.


After adjusting the shell so that you can move freely in it, you put on the bandanna, which, now that you look at it more closely, has eye holes in it. You decide the best way to put it on is over your eyes (it has been years since you've seen the show). You put it on, tie the back up and look around the room for a mirror.


You spot one over across the room. You walk over to it. As you are walking over , you notice that your back is getting stiffer. You reach the mirror and you see your hair start to fall out.


Your head changes shape and becomes less tall, and your face starts to move outward into a muzzle shape.


Meanwhile, your muscles are becoming larger, and are taking on more definition. You now feel a shifting sensation in your feet as toes (with big toe=1 and pinky=5) 1,2 and 3 fuse together, while 4, and 5 follow suit.


Your fingers also fuse. (Thumb=1 pinky=5) Your thumb starts to grow larger and slightly less flexible. Fingers 2, and 3 fuse, while 4, and 5 do the same.


You can start to see a six-pack on your abdomen. The muscles surpass anything that you could have ever hoped to attain.


Soon the transformation is complete. <spanSumTF> You are now an anthropomorphic turtle.</spanSpanTF> You see the bo staff out of the corner of your eye, do some fancy somersaults, and back flips across the room to get it.


You land right in front of it, grab it, do a few tricks and then you stop.


The reason for stopping is...

Written by underdrag on 18 May 2006

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