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After a while, you come across a small macaque village, blood covered, carrying a tiny body, limp and nearly a corpse. The villagers cower in fear in your wake, you hear a few hissing and spitting at you, ‘murderer’ they sneer.
“I need the elder” you say with confidence. The people are silent, taken aback by your presence, and how they expected certain doom. You hesitate. “Uhh, SAVABAXIAZ.” The silence turns into a collective gasp from the village, then it grows into a gentle muttering among themselves.
They stop and look at you, before clearing a path into a small hut in a tree, appearing way more ancient than the surrounding structures, somehow you know this is where you need to go. You enter the hut and your senses are overtaken by the smell of frankincense and sage. A dreary eyed old macaque with a beard hanging low down between his legs turns to you and expresses shock.
He begins to take care of the small figure, and you patiently wait outside to find out what will become of your new friend. The villagers prod at your lower scales, measuring not even half of your height. They all take turns of examining your foreign body,rubbing their hands along your scales, it makes you feel uncomfortable, but you tolerate it, as to not frighten them too much.
After what feels like an eternity, the elder peaks his head out of the hut to beckon you back into the quarters.
“She is critical, but she will live.” The small one begins to rustle in bed, she awakens.
“Oh, it’s you?” You look to her and nod, I saw you from the other day.
“I just had to return the favor.” You say with a geeky smile and shrug.
“It is because of you both that you both can continue on” The elder says to you, you both blush.
The girl sits up,
“This may look bad, but I have finally fulfilled the prophecy, Zaraban is dead, we can now live in peace” The elder looks elated.
“You do not understand what this means to us” He humbles himself with a small bow to you, “Once again, kind deeds will only bring about kind deeds, we will prove our gratitude to you stranger.”
The old man staggers over to a bejeweled and gold accented chest, he dusts it off before taking out a brightly colored folded up suit. Your eyes light up.
“Really?!” you ask excited, “You don’t know how much this means to me” This is your ticket out of this dangerous jungle.
He hands over the outfit with gratitude, and you receive it with just as much returned. You say your goodbye to the village before pondering what kind of adventure is waiting for you next! You and the child embrace finally before you slink your way out of the village, past the staring eyes of the macaques; on to your next adventure.

Written by Driftingdragon on 10 October 2019

The end (for now)
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