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“We should hunt together, so we’d be more likely to actually catch something.” You say as your ears perk up. “That way we can stand our own with large prey.” the much smaller lion’s eyes light up as they meet yours.
“What? You’d be willing to share your prey with me?” He says, almost suspiciously.
“Sure why not! You seem like a way more experienced hunter than I am.” you say, trying not to give away the fact that you don’t even know how to hunt yet. It was only a stroke of luck that you came across your first meal. You realize that it may be of benefit to form alliances if it comes to survival.
The two of you continue to chat about the future of your new hunting pack through the rest of the night, lounging in the safety of your own trees. The scent of no other lion nearby helping to make you feel more secure; you even consider attempting to scent-mark the tree as to keep any potential rivals away from your sanctuary.
After finally getting an appropriate amount of rest the two of you blink your eyes open as the sun’s rays begin peering over the horizon, the sky still cast in dark shadows as the warm hues cut through the sky. The clouds reflect the environment beautifully as your eyes grow smaller and smaller to compensate for the amount of light.
You look to your friend as he stretches, deep ridges in his sides form as the skin between his ribs pinch tightly around his skeleton. A worried look spreads across your face as you realize how truly pushed his body has been, the morning light accentuating the deep spaces between his skeleton.
“We should begin our hunt.” You say to your new business partner as you begin making your way out of the tree. The plan was to immediately begin tracking the scent of any wild animal they could find. “Might as well have this head start if the pridelanders take the first kill.”
The two of you slink around with your heads close to the ground, as to track any foreign scents in the area. You both steer clear to the other feline smells you come across, and veer towards scent paths that are in accordance with the proper prey.
After a few hours of prowling, by the time the sun is directly over you is when you both finally catch the scent of a dying buffalo. Your senses guide you as you lead your partner through the hunt. Feeling the need to take the lead with your robust lioness body.
“Well females usually are the hunters anyway.” You think to yourself, relishing in the power you exude with every pawstep you take, as you creep your way through the brush. The two of you scan your sandy yellow environment. Eventually you two see a speck in the distance, it moves slowly across the field. It takes only minutes for you to close in on the prey, its scent overwhelming your senses. You don’t seem to notice the strong aroma of pridelander filling the air as well, you remain focused on the kill that you are about to catch.
Suddenly the two of you find yourselves ambushed by a small group of pridelanders, also hunting the prey you have your sights set upon.

Written by Driftingdragon on 17 December 2019

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