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“Would I ever!” You said to him with excitement as the two of you passed through the threshold. With the others having survived, they were already taking on the task of rebuilding all that was destroyed from scratch, you had also pitched in, remembering some of the vague constructive techniques from the history books you had read. With your limited skills you were still able to move the process along slightly faster if otherwise. Your brother had noticed the hard work you had put into the new aged kingdom, and had offered you an even higher role in its management.
One day, he had approached you, wearing fine garbs and a beautifully tailored and regal suit. You instantly noticed that he held yet another one in his hands, though it was slightly different; you knew exactly what this was.
“Uhh I was told to give you one of these, by a little birdie of course.” he said as he winked at you; his glistening clothes were also sparkling in the morning sky. “I know they’re not as good as mine but I also know you can get way more use out of these than a vain piece of silk like these.” he continued jokingly with you as he pulled at the thick heavy fabric weighing heavily on his shoulders.
You were absolutely elated, immediately running up the stairs into your wing of the castle, you almost felt sad having to part with this life. When you looked over your glistening black fur, striped with harshly contrasting white lines streaking completely down your body, you knew that you had had enough time spent in this outfit. Nothing had felt better to you than the warm embrace of a new transformation, as the heated clothes began to sinch tightly to your skin, ingraining every thread of fabric with your being as you closed your eyes and drifted away into yet another adventure. You spread out your arms as they began to morph into the next transformation as you let the fabrics bring you to your next life.

Written by Driftingdragon on 12 May 2020

The end (for now)

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