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Your bones grow and your flesh stretch, but you feel nothing but a distant tugging as your body
transforms once more. You don't even notice you have wings until they flop at your side. Wait, that
makes four legs and wings – again stupid wings?
“And don't break them this time, all right?” Blurred hums at you.
You try to ask them a question, but you only manage to meow. In annoyance, you flatten your ears
and hiss. What is the point of being a winged cat changed by a magician if you can't even talk?
“Oh, but I thought you would like this shape,” they continue. Their tone tries to sound annoyed but
hardly make an effort. It seems that everything you do amuses them immensely. “Since you were a
bird when I found you I thought you liked flying. I put a lot of thought into it, you know? Well, it's
not like you have a choice. After all, you are my pet.”

Written by Clayem on 21 March 2016

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