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You ponder your options for a little bit longer, but once you are done, you feel as if the easier option for you to take is to do the right thing. Tell him the truth about the situation, then maybe you will be able to benefit from being someone he apparently favored throughout the usurping.


“What will you do with me?” you ask in a meek and quiet tone, the chains weighted your body down, feeling heavier than ever as you tried lifting your head to address your captor. His eyes watched you up and down as you lay there watching him back.


“We’re not too sure yet..” He said, scratching his head. “My job is just to wait for someone from our kingdom to pick up the ‘luggage’” you were particularly confused and offended,


“Luggage?” you said questioning. The Taur laughs.


“Wow I guess I was wrong about you.” he said before hauling you off through the ashen soil leading away from the kingdom. You felt the jagged dusty rocks scraping against your flesh, dirtying your beautiful deep black coat. The shine was instantly taken out of your opulent furs as your body tumbled around slowly encased in chains.


As you were dragged away, you watched the kingdom falling into ruins, not a single guard to rescue you, as you watch the only life you’ve ever known in this kingdom slowly receding into the horizon. You close your eyes and count the moments before this is over; as it’s all you have to do in this moment to calm yourself down.


During your transportation, at some point you had cried yourself asleep, waking up in a dark box-like room, rocking back and forth as if it was in motion.


“A caravan?” you ask yourself, the chains around you have been lifted, such that you can now properly stand, though your mind has no way of even knowing where you are. The musky smells of wood and fear lingered within the small walls surrounding you; it was disgusting. Before long you were able to focus your hearing on the outside world, bustling with the sounds of hooves, the creaky droning of wagon wheels, and faint conversation in the distance. Other than this, it was pitch black, barely any light filtered in through the cracks, and you were barely able to tell whether or not your eyes were even open.


You found yourself falling asleep several times, more than you can count on this long journey, time seems to pass without any end, and you lose track with how many hours it has even been in the darkness. It felt as if weeks had passed, with only the few small rations provided to you, it seemed as if this trip would never end.


As you drift between a waking and sleeping state, a bright light begins to overwhelm you a thin bright line which opened up to engulf the entire dark dank cage; as if it were your new home. After your eyes had adjusted to the bright lights of the outside world, you were met with a decrepit looking building, stationed directly in the middle of a remote clearing.


You had observed that the resources around you were scarce, and the living conditions were nothing next to ideal, for your standards, it was atrocious. The smell of rotting wood wafted subtly through the idle breeze; it pushed around a thick rank pollen which almost seemed to burn your nostrils and eyes.


“This is your new home now.” the driver of the caravan stated to you. The hare Taur from earlier caught your eye, as he sat stationed atop the passenger side, directly next to the driver. Your heart sinks as you realize the reality you are now forced to live, falling to your knees and begging for it not to be true. The carrivan begins to take off, flinging dirt and mud in your direction as you grovel and cry in the middle of an empty road.


You were forced to live out the rest of your days in the smelly empty fields of the unknown. Having to fend for yourself, and learn the ways of the land to survive, while keeping yourself protected from the dangerous unknown forces of the night.

Written by Driftingdragon on 18 March 2020

The end (for now)
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