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A long, serpentine naga charged towards you, four arms with sharp claws poised to strike, and you jumped towards her, striking her with both clawed feet, and the naga's forehead erupted in blood. She went down noisily.
Thunder erupted from the magician’s fingers, but you were unharmed by the spell, with surprising easiness you could reach to the spell’s strands and break them before they could hurt you. With a high-pitched roar you hurled yourself into the face of a harpy in a storm of wings and claws. The harpy was a better flier, but she lacked your weight and strength, you bring her down shrieking.
You landed on your feet and reeled from claws going for your right eye. The last one standing was a Scylla, a large creature with a humanoid torso that turned into four long tentacles covered in turquoise scales, for a moment you recognize her eyes, not long ago she had been the quarterback.


She dashed ahead with her sharp claws. You blocked a hard jab and grimaced as her long claws gouged long furrows down your forearm.
She twisted and hit you on the ribs with two tentacles that knocked the air from your lungs and left stinging gashes along your sides. You jumped away with a flap of your wings to put some distance between the two of you. She was ferocious, young, and probably as strong as you, but where you were elegantly built for flight, she was a creature of deep waters.
You blocked a jab of her tentacles with your wings, stepping forward with a straight punch that sent her to the wall. You dashed forward with a hard punch to her guts, but in an incredible burst of speed, she slipped away. Her tentacles struck your back, drawing blood and almost pinning you to the ground.
You staggered, vision fading into black-and-white spots, before righting yourself. She came eager for blood, poised to strike. You dodged another strike of her tentacles and sank your claws in her tentacle, drawing her bluish blood.
“Come on!” Konnor urged. “Finish with her already!”
You dodged slapped away another stab, the twinge of pain on your back like a fiery jolt. You clawed and slashed in wounded fury, hard blows that spilled blood and forced the Scylla back.
The Scylla unleashed a straight stab, but you stood your ground, the tentacle pierced your shoulder, but you got close enough to drive your fist into her ribs. Without letting her regain her breath, you drop her with a punch to the back of the ear.
All of Konnor’s minions were down now, but the wizard himself remained.

Written by ashley-natter on 28 July 2019

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