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You are curious about the pile of fox suit, which at first looks just like any regular fur coat to you. But upon closer inspection, you realize that it actually has two other sleeves and a pair pantsuit attached to the rest of it, which you’ve never heard off before.


Curiously, you decide to put it on, not suspecting a thing, before you are suddenly transported into a different world, now having the suit cling to your body just like a second skin. When you try to take it off, you find out the hard way that your hands have suddenly turn into paws, much to your shock.
You inspect your new appearance in a panic, finding out that you now have six paws in total, two act as your regular hands, but you now have four legs, two at the front and two at the back, somewhat like a horse. You even have a tail now, which you can wiggle at will through your tailbone. The revelation freaks you out, especially when finding out that you have a snout and furry eartips on your head now, though you have no idea which is worse compared to the six new paws.
The change is so drastic from your original self. But at least you are still clothed in your regular clothes over the fursuit, you figure in slight relief — not embarrassingly bare naked.
Then you quickly find yourself standing in a darken alley, which exit leads to a completely different environment, which you discover appears to lead you right to the heart of a town full of lively shops and medieval taverns.
Still scared and shock by the changes, you step out of the alley, where you are immediately greeted by the sight of many intelligent beings such as the one you just turned into, furry creatures in all kinds of mammal species, walking and talking boastfully through the busy crowd, surprisingly functioning like any other people despite their appearance.


Written by Stella Purple on 06 July 2018

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