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“No,” you snap the last string and Konnor disappears in a glowing vortex, dragged beyond time and space to his own timeline.
You look around, the other transformed students are still unconscious, but no one seem to have been hurt too much, a few bruises and scratches sure, but they will be walking out of that in no time, these bodies seemed to heal much more easily than a human one.
The pain in your chest will take time to heal, but you are certain that this new body is more than capable of dealing with a few cracked ribs on its own. You make it to the bathroom where you can clean your hands and face with a few splashes of cold water. Your clothes are completely ruined, but fortunately, you had the spare change of clothes inside your bag.
Taking a deep breath, you glanced at yourself in the mirror. Everything seemed normal, it takes you a moment to realize how normal it all seemed, you barely remember how your human body had been. It barely bothered you anymore, sometimes you would think back at the days you had been human, but those were distant and ethereal memories, like a half-remembered dream.
"Have you time for some gaming tonight?” It was Pammy. She met with you on the way out. "I was talking with David and Jake earlier, we had an idea about how to defeat the Juggernaut!”
"You know what, why don’t we try a new game? I feel like I need a break from Shell Shock for a while,” you say with a small grim.
"What about the exchange student? You could invite him to our gaming nights.”
"I don’t think he will be free,” you smiled. "It seems he decided to go back to his homeland after all.”
At the end of the day, you were happy that he was gone for good, and even though you still had some adjusting to do, it seemed you wouldn’t have to worry about Konnor anymore.
At least, for now.

Written by ashley-natter on 30 July 2019

The end (for now)
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