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The next "room" is vast, nothing but blue sky and white clouds around you. The "floor" appears to be transparent and multicoloured. As you step gingerly out onto it, you realize it's the top of a rainbow. Looks like one of your fantasies is coming true before you know it!


Well, not quite. It takes about a tenth of a second to discover something you had no idea about: Rainbows are slippery as hell. As soon as you shift your weight forward, your sharp hooves start slipping on the nearly frictionless surface (which is more like a force field than a surface really), and soon you are skidding along like Bambi on the ice.


You notice your hooves are making an eerie screeching sound as they slide over whatever it is rainbows are made from, and wonder if it will hurt if anything but your hooves touch the rainbow at this speed...


Your train of thought is broken by a high pitched whinny from above: "IIIINCOOOMING!" Someone drops from above and behind you, hits the rainbow at your side and proceeds to skid along with you.


You risk a sideways glance and find that the newcomer is another unicorn person. It appears to be a young female, her coat jet black with emerald green 'trimmings' - kind of opposite of you, in fact. She's got her hands on her back and is leaning forward in a typical skater position, obviously maintaining her balance much better than you.


She glances back at you and flashes a cute smile. "Haldor? Hi, I'm Meera! Nice to meet you."


Your mind reels at the realisation that she just used the name you made up for yourself less than a minute ago. News travel fast here! But then, so do unicorns...


As you mull over this, Meera makes a few quick skating motions and sails up in front of you, and you notice her hooves are shooting multicoloured sparks as they glide over the... well, whatever rainbows are made of. You suspect yours are doing the same, only you haven't had a chance to look at them yet.


"Wooo!" With a sudden shout Meera jumps up, makes a pirouette in the air and lands backwards, still as steady as rock. She proceeds to skate backwards, smiling into your face. "Fun, eh? Here, grab!"


She leans forward...backward... well, towards you and holds out her hands. She obviously wants you to grab hold, and you are about to do so when you notice the black hands are surrounded by small clouds of multicoloured sparks. Must be some kind of magic, but what will it do?


Glancing behind her you suddenly become aware of the ground looming up at you and realize you only have a few seconds to decide...

Written by Won-Tolla on 22 November 2007

The end (for now)

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