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Fly to India and train there as you keep an ear out for info emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to head out as soon as possible. If you train in India, you can get used to the heat, not to mention to course. “How do I fly in a plane? Are there seats designed for centaurs?” you ask the thought suddenly popping into your head


“Of course. Do not worry , I have done this many times before.“ Rick says reassuring you.


You return to the computer researching maps (and finding out some of the major differences in this world.) Turns out there are a lot less humans on the planet than before, and a lot of other sentient species in the world as well. There were even reports of dragons, although sightings are quite rare. More interesting to you however is the large number of hybrids , scattered all across the world -- and not with just humans as the base. No sea creature hybrids, though. As far as this version of Earth was concerned, mermaids, sea serpents, and kraken, are all mythical. And more, besides; this Earth’s oceanic myths are very extensive, indeed.


Your mind immediately recalls the legend of the magic spring that allegedly caused this whole mess. Maybe if it was high up then the ocean creatures would be unable to get to it, and it’d be too diluted by more mundane rivers and streams by the time it reached the sea itself. This is probably your first clue, you think.


So coastal areas are out. Looks like you will have to hike in the mountains a lot.


Written by Catprog and Xodiac on 21 January 2016

The end (for now)
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