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You walk slowly as you explore the isles, searching for the Traders outfits and among them your Snow Leopardfolk suit. After a leisurely ten minutes you find the appropriate section and spend another five finding the right folk suit and also one that will comfortably fit you.


Once you find the suit and the matching clothes you follow hanging signs to one of the many changing rooms that form a perimeter around the store room. You join the queue, standing behind four others awaiting their turn.


Eventually it’s your turn to use the changing room. You walk in, bolting the door behind you. You set out your suit and costume on the bench and begin undressing, leaving only your under clothes on. You climb into the suit, putting your feet in the suit’s feet before pulling it up to your waist. Next you grab your long, elegant tiger tail and carefully feed it into the suit’s spotty, white tail. Once it’s comfortably in place you pull the suit up the rest of the way, slipping your arms in, pulling the head over and then fully zipping the suit up.


As soon as the zip is fully pulled up you begin feeling strange. You skin itches and the suit starts feeling hot and progressively tighter. You suddenly realise you’re transforming again, just as you did two weeks ago when you put on the tiger suit. The itching is your tiger fur receding and the tightening of the suit is it trying to bond with you. Within minutes, however, the suit has become one with you, become your new skin and turning you into an anthropomorphic slow leopard. The realisation of what just happened to you hits you hard and the shock causes you to black out.

Written by green-eyedtiger on 19 August 2017

The end (for now)

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