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You gasp as the blue orb passes into your upper chest, your heart tingling as it's infused into you. Another gasp echoes the first as that telltale tingling spreads out from the inside of your chest to your skin, concentrating in two mounds on your upper chest.


You look down in surprise as your skin starts to swell, as though your upper torso is inflating, expanding into what can only be called breasts. You grab them as if to confirm with your hands what your eyes are seeing, and to your immense displeasure your hands sink with ease into their soft and supple flesh.


Your mind races as you wonder why you have breasts, thinking that such things are only suited for women-and as though the changes sense this latest thought, they sweep lower, heading directly for your groin.


A sharp pressure surges through you as you feel your maleness clench, pulling back into your body with a sudden and shocking cramping. You wobble unsteadily on your feet as you realize that you are now undeniably female. Your body seems to want to agree with this fact, your hips flaring and waistline slimming to give you an hourglass figure. Much of your fat simply vanishes from your body, and you moan aloud as your voice changes in pitch too.


You start to wonder if the changes will stop here...

Written by SketchySeraph on 22 November 2015

Both But Your Ears Begin To Tingle

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