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The air is thick with the smell of fabric and dust. You see a bunch of costumes hanging on the walls, all of them in the shape of animals. There's a lion, a tiger, a bear, a wolf, and many others. But there's something odd about them; they're all female.


As you walk through the room, you notice that the door you came through has disappeared. You're trapped, with no way out. You try to shake the door open, but it won't budge. You're starting to panic, and you realize that you're going to have to put on one of the costumes to escape.


You grab the horse costume and slip it on.


At first, you don't feel anything different. The costume fits snugly against your skin, but that's all. Then, suddenly, you feel a strange sensation in your limbs. It's like they're stretching, growing longer and more muscular. Your fingers start to merge together, forming hooves. You can feel your clothes tearing apart as your body grows larger, more powerful.


You're terrified, but also fascinated. You're turning into a horse, and you can't do anything to stop it. You watch in horror as your body changes. Your head stretches out, your nose and mouth elongating into a snout. Your ears lengthening into those of a horse.


As the transformation continues, you feel a strange sensation in your chest, as if something is expanding. You look down and see your breasts swelling, your nipples hardening. You're shocked to see that you're now a female, and that your body has changed to match. Your hips widen, and you feel a sense of power and stability that you never had before. Your waist narrows, giving you an hourglass figure that makes you feel both powerful and feminine. You run your hands down your new curves, and it feels like you're exploring someone else's body.


You're amazed at how much your body has changed, and it's a lot to take in. You can't believe that you're no longer a man, but a female anthropomorphic horse. You look at yourself in the mirror and marvel at your new form, with its shiny coat and powerful muscles.


You start to notice some mental changes as well. You feel more in tune with your emotions, and you're more empathetic towards others. You start to see the world in a different way, noticing details that you never did before. You feel a sense of connection with other animals, and it's almost as if you can communicate with them.


As you run around the room, testing out your new body, you suddenly feel a strange pull. It's like something is calling to you, drawing you towards it. You follow the pull, running towards a wall that you thought was solid. But as you get closer, you realize that it's not a wall at all. It's a portal, a gateway to another world.


Without hesitation, you step through the portal. As soon as you do, everything changes. The room disappears, replaced by a lush forest. Trees tower above you, and you can hear the sound of a nearby stream. The air smells of grass and earth, and you feel the warmth of the sun on your back.


You take a few tentative steps forward, then break into a run. You feel a sense of freedom that you never had before, like you were born to run through this forest. As you run, you see other creatures around you, all of them like you, anthropomorphic horses. They look at you curiously, but don't seem alarmed. You feel like you're part of a community, like you've found your true home.

Written by - on 18 May 2023

The end (for now)

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