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Rocko’s arms extended first and flexed lifelike, his claws flexing and fur blowing in the wind. His head moved and ears flicked and rotated, a growl coming from his chest as his body’s height increased from being much smaller than before. Once standing on flat feet now moved up into digitigrade form easily, and his claws moved into the earth as he wriggled his tiger toes. His tail lengthened and flicked behind him before staying completely still, balancing him. Rocko opened his eyes, filling the black voids that use to be there and said, “Nice, right?”
“Very. But still not taller than me.” Rocko laughed and moved around in his body. As if testing it. You watched him for several minutes. It was almost like he was a natural gymnast as he was flexing and moving about, cartwheeling and jumping up and down – he stood on both of his hands before staying on one for several minutes. Then, finally, he seemed satisfied and clapped both paws together. A hybrid tiger, just like you. You asked, “So what happens now?”
Rocko rubs under his chin and looks around. He suddenly smiles. “This.”
Suddenly, like that, you and Rocko were no longer in that world but in the dressing room you both originated from. Rocko sighed with relief. “Thank goodness. I thought I’d be stuck there forever.” He looks to you and says, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”
You say the usual response and there’s a brief silence between the two of you. Then Rocko says, “So, do you want to join up with me again or go your own way? Most people do the latter, can’t blame you if you want to do the same thing. There are some cool worlds to choose from, and lots of costumes. Are you going to try out a new one? Are you going to stay back on the world we previously left?”
“Geez, that’s a lot of questions there, Rocko?” you chuckled. “Besides, the door’s open for you to leave to wherever. For me, I think… I’ll stay and explore some.”
Rocko looks at you. He nods. “Alright, maybe we’ll see each other again some other time?”
“Maybe? Who knows?” you say.
You and Rocko grab each other’s hands and shake. Then he heads for the door and there’s a bright white light that consumes him. He looks over his shoulder at you and smiles then disappears into wherever that costume belongs.
You let out a breath and reopen the now closed door. You go through it and you're back where you started. Literally. In the middle of the Amazonia jungle. This time, there’s no thief to lead you away, or a need to run away. This time, you go west and head deeper into the jungle. Eventually there’s an end to the thick forestry. You move away the vines like curtains and come upon a cliff. As it turns out, you were on an island this entire time. The view leads out to a massive port mixed with a beach, lots of ships and more costumers most probably. You go towards it all. Who knows what you’ll discover?

Written by on 11 September 2019

The end (for now)
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