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"Say what?"


"Cartoon production," Bragho repeats. "You know, making movies."


"Oh." You feel a bit disappointed.


"Hey, it's good work. Pays pretty good too."


"Oh, it's not that. Just seems a waste to..." You realize what a good idea it will be to find out what he knows before you say too much. "What do you know about... The Game?"


"The Game? Been playing for about a year now. That's why I'm assigned welcome wagon duty. This (he points to his chest) is number sixty-eight."


"Sixty-eight! Do you even remember who you used to be?"


"Sure, I dream every night. But what was that about a waste?"


"I mean, getting into a costume and changing like this... just to sit and draw pictures?"


"Oh no, it's it that kind of cartoons. It's more like in that movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? You're going to be an actress."


Wishing he could have said actor instead, you ask the most important question to you right then.


"What... kind of actress?"


"That depends on the director's needs and what you'll accept," Bragho replies as you stop in front of a big building. He looks up at a red lamp with a sign saying Do not enter while lamp is lit and finds that it isn't. "Nobody's forcing you into anything. But if you wish, you should have no problems getting some... well paid roles. At least you have the figure for it."


Okay. You did not need to hear that. You are about to say something when Bragho continues: "As a newbie you'll be starting as an extra though. Standing in crowds, crossing the street in the background, boobs five and six..."




"Just kidding. Let's go in and..."


He is interrupted by a loud crash from inside and a shrill voice yelling: "Where has that furshlugginer vixen gone off to now? We have a scene to shoot, for crying out loud!"


Bragho looks at you and grins. "As I said, you'll be an extra - unless you happen to be at just the right time and place to replace someone. Let's go in and see what this is all about, shall we?"

Written by Won-Tolla on 21 June 2007

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