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You approach the temple and the stones reshape into a doorway. You go through and find a well lit bedroom. You hear the stone reshape itself behind you. You turn your head to look behind you, just in time to see the living rock fuse itself back into a wall; well, if whatever-it-is can reshape living flesh the way it did your body, you suppose it's not that much of a stretch to think they (he? it? she?) can remodel inert matter, too.


You take a step forward and watch it open back out. "At least I can get out again" you think. You then turn back to look inside the bedroom. Like the temple itself, this room is a peculiar mixture of styles -- and they're all Earthly styles, at that. Which is actually a little bit strange itself, now that you think of it; given the sort of power whoever-it-is has displayed, why couldn't it just as easily steal designs from other planets or other Universes?


Your tummy then rumbles. All the changes and the flying must have taken a lot of mass and now you have to make it up—which means hunting. Or at least, that's what the hieroglyphs said... And suddenly you realize: You're naked. This doesn't matter so much for the bits of you that are covered by your built-in fur coat. but you do have some bits of bare skin left, and you're not sure you want to risk coming down with a cold or something. And... sure enough, the bedroom has a door which (something in your mind tells you) leads to a closet. You open that door and, yes, it is a closet. And you find a few unfamiliar-looking bundles of folded cloth which you (somehow) know are clothes for your new form. Reluctantly trusting your newfound instincts, you pick out the sky-blue one; unfolding it, you discover that it's intended to cover your entire body, from neck to forepaws to hind legs. And it's fastened onto your body with straps and buckles.

Written by Catprog & Cubist on 02 September 2010

Out Hunting

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