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Bark forms on your clothes you start to run but once you are far enough away from the other trees you are rooted to the ground. Bark grows your legs but they do not combine. It covers your body. Your hair becomes thin branches and your hands look like branches but are humanoid. You are able to walk. You marvel at how your root like toes grasp at the ground. Your legs don’t seem to bend except slightly at the knees and you plant your big toes before any other part of your feet touched the ground. You walk into the forest. It seems as though some trees lift their branches up out of your way. Every now and then you emit a Hrum or a hoom. You then realized what you were, an Ent, shepherd of the forests from lord of the rings. You don’t feel fear but quite comfortable in your new form. Not the kind where your humanity is slipping away from you but more like this was rather nice. You wonder if there were any Ent Draughts when you see an opening in a rock face. There are two great trees one ether side of the opening like living gate posts save there was no gate but there crossing and intertwined branches. You walk towards them and the trees lift up their branches. You pass through them and there is a slopped hall like cave some fifty feet or higher. Along each wall there stood an aisle of trees that increased in height as you marched in. At the end of the cave there had been carved an archway and inside you find a table, two Ent sized basins and a flowing stream. You are in an Ent house.


(I should point out that female Ents are called entwives and they look different from ents, though tolkien never stated what it was other then the fact that they liked to garden and they were more interested in plants that bore fruit, just thought I'd point that out)

Written by Hnhn on 02 March 2009

Drink from the first draught

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