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You pick up the rabbit costume and after some hesitation start to put it on. First you slide your legs into the legs. Their is a jolt of electricity and to your shock the costume comes alive.


The latex stretches to allow it free access. The head kisses you. "Thank you for choosing me" you hear in your head "I will take care of you until you decide to move on"


"Who are you?" you try to get out through the mouth.


"The spirit of the costume".


The arms of the costume are adjusting the rest of it onto your body as you are distracted. The latex flows up your legs shifting them slightly. The tail is not quite in the right place so your legs shift in size to match the costume.


It flows up from the waist , you get a brief glimpse between your legs showing you are defiantly female before a pair of shorts form.


"Clothes?" you ask


"Of course. Can't have you going out naked." the costume responses.


It continues to move up to your chest, while mostly covered in fluff now their is a definite bump underneath the fluff.


The arms having done their job now attach themselves to your arms.


The head is the last thing to attach itself. From the mouth it folds back.


Your ears and nose twitch as you look over yourself in the mirror.


Standing before you is an anthro female rabbit.


You only get a brief glimpse before reality shatters and you black out.

Written by catprog on 12 April 2018

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