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Your body was blood drenched, arms raised high in success as you addressed the rows of cheering crowds beaming down at you. The fanfare sounded like a rushing river as each individual’s voice merged into a loud cacophony of indistinguishable sounds, almost sounding like a constant droning noise, as your mind seemed to block out the sounds; your perception moved in slow motion. A sea of faces appear indistinguishable as you look around at your new loving fans.
Individuals of all shapes and sizes screamed their lungs off just for you; it fills your heart with joy. Thinking back to earlier, you knew that the only way out of here was to take the suit, and you had yearned for the next adventure. Not knowing what was next excited you with your newfound confidence and appreciation for hard work and effort thanks to Chiron!
Hades approached you, handing you the mythical three headed wildcard transformation costume, for you to finally be transported out of the underworld and to your next adventure. His pale hands reached out to you, handing you the loose fabric. Its fur felt smooth and cool to your touch, you enjoyed the delicate yet durable design of the fur, feeling almost natural as the folded mass sat atop your outstretched hands.

Written by Driftingdragon on 27 April 2020

Both Wear Costume
Both Stay with Chiron

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