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You crawl over on your hands and knees going to the man like a common house hold cat. You reach his hand you rub your face into it. He forces his large hand into your hair. Stroking it backwards with a firm but careful pet. To your surprise it feels pretty good. Before you can stop yourself you go in for another rub when he stops that one.


“You do make a very pretty kitty.” He rubs you under the chin, forcing your head up to see his eyes coldly staring at you. “Come sit on my lap little kitty.” Leaving your pride on the floor where he froze you with his magic. You listen.


“Okay,” You tremble, hoping if you play along. He'll change you back. That he'll let you go. Crawling onto his lap, you feel that his large size wasn't fat like you first thought. But hard muscles that had no tell-tale signs like the six-pack you had once desired for yourself.


“Call me Mater.” He smiles, it looks warm and happy, but the way his eyes looked at you. You sat still as a statue on his lap. Afraid to set of the stare. Fearing what else he could do to you. Maybe, you gulp even your family.


“Yes... Master.” The word tastes bitter on your tongue. You force it out with your velvet soft voice. You have to make him happy. You had to...your mind cringed and your hands tightening into fists on your lap, thinking about it felt wrong. You had to though. Please him. You force the thought to completion. It was your first step in playing this game. To winning back your freedom.


“Angry?” He held up your fist, your quick to release it. “Not fast enough.” His brows wrinkle and his voice gets to that dark place you don't like. “Perhaps I should send you on?”


“NO!” You shout in his face. On would be bad for you. On would mean you would have to work hard to get back here. Then out, and why do that? When you're already here?


“Why shouldn't I?” He stars you down. Challenging you. You grit your teeth, racking your brain. What would you want? If you had a bare breasted cat woman on call? Wiggling around on his lip, your heart stutters. You know what you would have wanted to be given the choice of anything. You couldn't do that. Not...not yet. You could get him in other ways.


“Don't you like my new-look Master?” You push twist yourself around pushing your breast. Your new, and you knew they were real breast into his chest. Even with your weight pressing down on them. They didn't shrink in size. He was the one who gave them to you. Then he must be a breast man. You could work that.


“I did make you.” His eyes looked down still cold and unfeeling. You wrapped your arms around his neck, rubbing his face with yours. You picture yourself purring and you succeed on your first try.


“You made me very well.” You whisper into his ear. He pulls you back by the small bit of extra skin you had on your neck.


“Your not my first, and certainly not the first to try this.” He looks down at you. “What new novelty can you offer me?” He waits on your response.

Written by psto1464 on 23 May 2020

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