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“Why don’t we figure out a way to govern the other tribe better?” You mentioned. “I mean, there’s always evil in disorder, as they say.” You mentioned, pulling a quote right out of your blowhole if you had one. “I have some ideas I would maybe… like to draft up with you.” You said, leaning in close with the leader of your original pack- or what soon will be, your pack if you played your cards right. “Let’s spend a couple days in planning, then, we can present to the opposing side our ideas.”
The leader listened attentively, “Yeah, I mean we just need to be able to really get them on our side, and if we do it right, then we can practically make them sign away their own rights if we can write up something convincing enough.” When you used that buzz word, the leader of the group’s face started to change. He never seemed to be the kind of person to you, but somehow your suggestion seemed to spark something different in him. He had excitedly agreed and that was when you both began to work on the actual policy and legislation associated with this deal.
After a couple hours, it was finished. To you, it seemed like the perfect agreement that ‘everyone’ would benefit from. You even seemed to have the leader a bit fooled there but at this point your plan was completely foolproof. A deep sense of satisfaction washed over you and this time the leader was the first one to break the silence.
“Do you believe we’re ready to bring this up with the other group?” The leader asked.
“Yeah, it’s perfect!” You said before the two of you started making your way over to where the other pack was sunning themselves. You both walked up to the leader and woke him from his slumber with your proposal and had a quick discussion about it. Perfect! Just like you planned, it seemed as though he was interested in what you were saying. Now that he had given you the time of day- since your foot was in the door, now all you had to do was push your way in the rest of the way now.
“That all seems well and fine with me.” He said before looking it over one last time. “Well, It seems like in this deal you are willing to give up a lot for the betterment of both of us. That’s actually not what we had expected from you from the start, I think this will mark a great day in history when we can both come together to not only survive, but to thrive.” He said. His little spheal almost had you in tears but still it wasn’t enough to stop you from achieving your goals of the literal best possible outcome.
The leader turned to the leader of your pack “Well, we can begin to gather the others and start finding ways to enact these new changes.” He mentioned. Both of you were excited for the new era of the two packs and at this point you would have become someone who went down in these seals’ history. It didn’t take long for the two massive leaders to come together and gather the attention of all their followers. The two leaders explained the plan and for a while things seemed to be going pretty well. Though something seemed to be awry.
The others started to mutter and giggle to each other, and even after the meeting, you could overhear the group chatting with each other and you started to get a sense that not everyone in the group was okay with what you were proposing. Before long, tensions and suspicions started to grow and build until somehow, everyone felt like something was a bit off.
Though the legislation seemed to be working well from the very start, after a few days, people started to feel overworked and under-appreciated and it didn’t take a lot for them to find out that you were truly the one benefitting from it. You figured you could wait it out, it wouldn’t be long until you get the next outfit anyway. Maybe they will grant you with a pristine outfit for your transformation once you’re the ruler of the seal economy. Or maybe you would commission or purchase something amazing and magical enough for you to continue your game with. Regardless, your heart was fluttering with happiness knowing about what you had done. Suddenly, you were approached.
“Hey, can I talk to you about something.” The mother who lost her child earlier had suddenly approached you; for the first time in a while.
“Hello there. How has your life been lately?” You asked, puffing up your chest as you could tell she wanted to confide in you in one way or another.
“Yeah. I mean, I was just wondering about some of those new policies you had brought up the other day.” She started.
“Aah yes, that one, I hope things have been helping you out along the way. If we all spend more time focused on figuring out the issues, while still focusing on production, then we can surely work towards a better future.” You started.
“Actually, we’re not too sure, but it seems like things have become a bit more difficult for us.” She continued. Before long, it started to grab the attention of the others. More Seals started to gather around you and they were all whispering to each other as if this were somehow staged.
“Well, there are always ways around-”
“No. We don’t think there will be any more ways around this.” She commented. Other started to swarm you.
“Yeah, we’ve been talking about it and we think you’re a fraud.” Another person mentioned.
“You’ve been nothing but bad luck and bad vibes, now we can see your ways.” Someone else added in. You looked around to the leaders of the pack- with whom you’ve already spent a bit more time working with. They also didn’t seem to believe you at this point, now agreeing with the majority. They all started to crowd around you and push you around.
“We don’t want you here anymore.” One of the leaders stepped forward and told you. At this point, the others were nipping at your flippers and you had no choice but to back away and slide into the water. At that moment, the chase was on. They started swimming after you so quickly that you could feel them snapping at the bubbles trailing off your tail fin. You darted around and around under the water as they all came in around you from all directions. Your heart was beating out of your chest and your fight or flight responses were going off. At this point, it was purely flight and you could feel your body cutting through the water as though you were a knife.
You swam and swam, diving down deeper into the water to avoid them and before long you could feel the pressure of the ocean compressing your skull. It started to make you feel a bit dizzy and you started to see red. In a silent scream, the air was forced from your lungs and you felt a warm hugging sensation in your chest. Your vision started going blurred and at this point you couldn’t even tell whether you were moving your limbs and before long you were sucked straight out of your game.
Your consciousness was instantly teleported back into your original body, and back to the beginning of the game. Honestly, you really didn’t know how you got here, but all you knew was that you just wanted to hop right back into your next game.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 15 November 2023

The end (for now)

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