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Your eyes slowly flutter open, a groan passing your lips. You feel a bit sore and heavy, but very quickly you become aware of some important things.


First and foremost you are no longer in the room you were once in, but instead outside. It is twilight, the soft orange glow of the world around you giving a sense of the time. Secondly you are laying in some grass, the cool blades tickling your back. Thirdly you notice something even more strange about yourself.


It no longer feels as though you are in the costume, yet, as you look down at yourself, you see that you are still within the brown fur of the most costume. Your ears shift upon your head, lowering with confusion and worry. That is why you truly notice that you are indeed no longer in costume, but you have become what the costume had been.


A gasp leaves you, hands running over your body. You are definitely no longer male, no package to speak of, but rather a smoother area between your legs. You also have two a sized breasts upon your chest; definitely the markings of a true female.


A groan leaves you now. How in the world did this happen? Now what were you going to do? Sure you are outside, but now you are a giant mouse! A giant female mouse! It doesn’t matter to you if you are anthrofied or not... This... This can’t be happening.


If you stay here though then you will never figure out how to return to your former self -- if that is even possible.

Written by ShatteredBeginnings on 06 January 2016

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