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You enter a large room, in long rows of clothes stands with all kinds of animal costumes. You walk through the room devoutly and look at the many very realistic-looking costumes. In a row hang all kinds of ungulates, horses, zebras, deer, doe-deer. Your fingers gently stroke the coat, it feels very realistic. Some of the costumes consist of only one type of trousers, most are for the whole body and very few consist only as a mask for the head, gloves with long sleeves and boots.


After a while you want to leave the room again, you walk along the wall, but you can't find the door. Here on the wall are some cat costumes. First you look at some tiger suits. These are all very beautifully crafted, and very realistic as you can see when you look at one very closely. But you're not attracted to the stripe pattern. The leopard suits next to it don't appeal to you either. But then you stop in front of a suit of black fur. You stroke your hand through the soft, silky fur. In the light you can even see the hidden black spots in the fur of the panther. You just have to try this costume on.


Carefully take it off the clothes rack, the coat weighs heavily on your arms, your arms get warm under the whole fur. So you quickly discard the idea of pulling this fur over your clothes, because it would be too warm for you. You take another close look at the suit and are amazed at the details. A short time later you stand unclothed in the room and put the panther suit on the floor in front of you. Carefully step with one foot into the empty tube which is the corresponding leg of the suit. Slowly your foot disappears into the fur and you pull up the fur on your leg. You will be amazed because you can feel the ground under your foot in the suit as clearly as under your other foot. After a short time the other leg in the suit has also disappeared and you pull the suit slowly over both legs further up. The fur is now also over your butt, carefully insert your genitals into the corresponding bulges in the suit.


When you stroke the fur on your legs for a moment, you will be amazed, because you can clearly feel your hand stroking through the fur.


You reach behind you and put your first arm into the suit, after a short time you can feel your fingers in the fingers of the suit. It is a little harder to insert the other arm into the suit, because you can no longer grip so well with your hand in the suit. After some effort and some time you have made it and your body is now completely into the suit. Only his head still hangs down asleep on the suit.


You feel the head of the suit with your hands and pull it carefully over your head. Slowly you pull the coat over your ears, you find bulges in the coat into which you put your ears. The face of the costume also has openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. Carefully put the soft black leather over your lips. You stroke the fur over your chin.


In the mirror on the wall you can see how your whole body is covered by this black fur. Only the strip on the stomach and chest is not closed where the zipper is located. With the help of your reflection, you close it. You look at yourself in the mirror and stroke your hands over the fur, it feels so real. There's something moving behind you from right to left. It can't be, your tail's twitching behind you. Yes, it's your tail, you feel it very clearly when you grab it. You suddenly get very warm and sick, you collapse and fall to the floor.


After a few minutes, you'll come to. Dizzy, you straighten up. Between your eyes you see a broad nose covered with short black fur. You step in front of the mirror and look at yourself. Your body is strong and completely covered with black fur. The head is a mixture of your human head and that of a panther. You have a snout instead of your mouth and nose. The ears are bigger but still on the side of the head, but you can move them. Your hands' fingers seem shorter and thicker.


In front of you, you see a door in the wall. Slowly and carefully you step through them and stand in a clearing in the forest. When you turn around, all you see behind you is the forest. There's no building you just came out of. You look around insecurely. The clearing is large, there is dense forest on all sides. To your right, you can hear a river splashing. On the left side you can see a mountain range in the distance over the forest.


Written by Siegmar on 05 June 2018

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