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“I mean... I think the crater will have the answer...” You leap off, instantly feeling the sign crumble just as your weight pushes off from it. Your eyes watch the iconic “STOP” sign fall to the ground and it only makes you wonder more what happened to this city that everything fell apart so thoroughly.


You pump your wings, passing over top of more and more destruction as your course through the air. There’s a dog bowl beside a coil of chain and a dark, mangled mass of fur that makes your stomach lurch. An ice cream truck sits in the middle of a street, utterly abandoned with its music still, ever so faintly singing through the neighborhood, tempting the dead with cold treats.


Every little glimpse into the town as your fly over top only makes you shudder more. Until, finally, you reach the crater. It’s a massive drop, filled up with sparkling crisp rainwater which you dive into, floating on its surface as you sip from the cool, fresh drink. Something so fresh looks out of place within the major point of destruction in this dead town.


Your mind rolls back to the birds you’d initially seen that you’d left, they were doing their mating dance. They were preparing to create new life for the season, yet this town was leveled.


“Is it sad that it was only these people who died? Or happy that at least some life is continuing on?” you ask yourself, letting the silence of the city be the only response as you float and quietly offer a moment of remembrance for those who fell with this crumbled place.


Written by Picklessauce69 on 19 June 2016

The end (for now)
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