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A day has passed and you and Ethan are starting to get to know each other, living in the house provided to you by the... whoever organized this. You still have no idea who has such resources or... downright magic to create all this, transformation and all. You and Ethan have asked around but none of the people here know whats going on. Still, you get an invitation to the town hall. You two have no idea whats going on but you do want the information.


"What do you think they will be announcing?" You ask Ethan, having somewhat gotten used to his presence, but you still feel slightly anxious and uncomfortable next to him and you are pretty sure that it's the female side of you that's causing you to feel all these emotions. Ethan rubs his scaly chin as he thinks.


"Well... I doubt the organizers are in town... we would have already heard about that..." he says as he thinks, the two of you mingling in the crowd as a wide variety of antromorphic animals mingle around the town hall.


"Do we have any normal humans here?" you ask him and he shrugs at your question.


"I wasn't here for much longer than you, but I don't see any..." he casually mentions and you narrow your gaze. This is so stressful... you don't even have your own body, your in this... odd town, surrounded by... walking speaking humanoid animals who are actually humans in costumes... you sigh and rub your scaly forehead. "Hey now... its going to be alright." He reassures you as he sees you waver. You give him a sad smile.


"We don't have a mayor..." you casually comment as you get in the town hall. "Who could have summoned this meeting?" you ask out loud as you get in, finding your seats in the commotion as the various people who are in the same predicament as you find their own seats. You are surprised by just how many of them there are.


"Order, please, order." A sheep woman spoke and you narrowed your eyes. People looked at each other in confusion but they hushed down, their shouting turned to whispers as you turn to Ethan.


"Do you know this woman?" you ask him, whispering as you see her scuffle, trying to organize some papers she received. Ethan looks at you and shakes his head.


"This is the first time I have seen her..." he admits. Well she seems to be the one who called his meeting, so why not hear her out.


"Dear... people." She begins, not knowing how to address the crowd gathered before her. "We are all in the same predicament here. I called you all here today because I have gotten some news from the organizers." She speaks officially and this causes quite the reaction. You feel shocked yourself, as you would like to have a word with them. This was not in the contract! And you still don't know how they managed to transform you... nor why did they do that or is it reversible.


"What did they say!" one wolf asks as shouting begins.


"Have you met them in person?" a fox booms.


"I would like to have a word with them!" someone shouts and the sheep struggles to calm everyone down.


"Now calm down everybody!" she urges as she tries not to panic herself. After a few moments everyone calms down. "I found a letter at my house and it seems to be from the organizers, Ill read it out loud." She says and with that the shouting stops.


"To all residents of the town: Don't panic, the contract is still on, you can take the costumes off in 2 weeks as agreed, until then please stay here, we will have more contacts and events for you, signed the organizers" she read out loud and the people seem disappointed.


"Well that was... something." Ethan says, confused by the words as most of the people seem disappointed. You exhale yourself.


"At least we know this isn't permanent I suppose." You murmur. There isn't much else that happens in the town hall and after about half an hour the crowd disperses. You and Ethan stand at the sidewalk, the snow covering most of it. Ethan notices that you look downhearted.


"Hey, chin up." He tells you and places one scaly hand on your chin and he blush. "Lets do something to kill the time. Two weeks will fly by." He says and you giggle.


"Well, what do you have In mind?" you ask him and he thinks for a second.


"How about a movie? The cinema is cheap is here and Im sure they must have at least one good movie going on... my treat." He says and you think about it before nodding, accepting his offer.

Written by Luksinatriks on 27 April 2018


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