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"Calm down," A voice said in Daniel's mind. "This state is only temporary," Daniel looked around himself frantically. Trying to find out where the voice was coming from. He found no one around him, or even in his company. It was just him, well her now he supposed. But still, no one was around.


"Now go to the woods, I'll explain things along the way,"


Daniel wasn't sure what was going on. But he didn't have any women's clothes to put on. He had to sneak into his sister's room, who thankfully was away for a long time. He grabbed a braw and panties and whatever other clothes women wore and got himself dressed. Luckily the voice inside of him told him what to put on.


He grabbed his car keys and hopped on it and turned the key, the car roaring to life. The car drove onward toward the destination of the forest. When he arrived at the forest he unbuckled and shut the car's engine off and looked about.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 23 December 2017


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