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You spend a good amount of time running through the sandy dunes. After a while, you come across a burrow. Two meerkats are lounging in the sun. One is grooming the other. You realize the one being groomed is female..


You approach her cautiously. "What do you want, stranger?" She asks.


"I come in peace. I need a place to stay."


"All right, all right. But as leader of this clan, I have very strict rules. First off, no breeding. Only I am allowed to reproduce. If you are to do such a thing, your pups will be slaughtered. Understand?"


You gulp nervously.... As she is about to explain the second rule, an eagle from out of nowhere swoops down and clutches her within his grasp. He flies off with her in his talons.


You see the male sigh with relief. He scurries over to you.


"It looks like you are the alpha now. What is your name?"

Written by marissalikesgreenday on 30 June 2014

The end (for now)
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