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For the rest of the week, Daniel didn´t have time to worry about his dreams too much. He had tests to pass and spent most of his time studying with his friends. It´s been so normal, that he brushed his dreams off as something unimportant and focused more on common life.


They were sitting in the school´s library, crunching over history books. Daniel was taking notes and reached for the book on the opposite end of table – “Hey, Pammy, can you pass it?”


“Sure,” Pammy said, pushing the book towards Daniel. She was twisting a strand of her perfectly golden hair around her finger, while listing through another book.


The others silently sat around, slowly browsing the books. Lebanese guy Gassan was leaning his chin on his hand and lazily stared at the pages. David was sharing the book with Pammy, despite they weren´t actually dating like everyone assumed just because they were the most popular boy and girl at school. Next to Daniel, Jake was turning pages of his book, a bit too fast to be actually reading it.


Daniel noticed that he was the only one who was taking any notes, but he didn´t pay it much attention. Later, when he was done and suggested having a dinner, the others just closed their books and stood up, in eerie synchronized motion.


“Everything´s all right?” Daniel asked.


“Sure,” Pammy retorted. “Why would you ask?”


It sounded like her, not to worry about anything and Daniel just accepted that answer.

Written by lulu-illussions on 05 January 2018

Both Dinner

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