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You wait for a moment but eventually continue to fly along the rim of the station.
Soon you are drawn to another door. The door opens as you approach it.
Inside is a large room that seems well suited for your body. There is a large bed and wardrobe, a bookshelf full of books, a desk with a laptop and a large sofa. There is also a door leading to a bathroom. The bed calls to you and you are soon sleeping.
You awake refreshed and excited for what the new day will bring!
On the table is a plate of food. You feel your stomach and realize how hungry you are. You have not eaten for a day and it is not like you need to, but it certainly helps. Also on the table is a note.
While you eat you read the note. It reads:
Dear Resident,
Welcome to your new home! This room was created especially for you so you can experience all the necessities and more. Outside this room are cameras so you should care about what you are doing.
Until you have experienced enough of this life you will not be able to find another costume. Once you have experienced enough you can then find your way home. Good luck!
The note disappears once you have read it. You head to the wardrobe and find it full of clothes, all different types and styles. They are all your size too. You find a shirt which you put on. Having the lower body of a lioness, along with the wings makes clothing hard to fit.You head out the door. The walls are no longer blank, instead scenes from around the space station hang from the walls. You appear to be in a hallway, with doors off to either side. You open one of the doors to find a room full of children watching a screen which shows some sort of space animation.
"Hello?" you call.
The teacher turns "Oh, hello there. Are you here to pick up your child? Which one is it?"
"No. I only just arrived yesterday and am getting to know my way around the station" you say.
She nods "Well, children, say hello to the nice space women."
The children all groan and refuse to look at you. One shouts "You aren't even a real space woman! You're a lioness!"
You frown. "Well, I may not be a woman right now, but I used to be one! Don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my paws..."
The teacher quickly intervenes. "That's enough, Kyle! Now apologize to the nice space lady!"
Kyle turns to you and sticks his tongue out. The teacher forces him to apologize. You accept and assure him it is fine, but it bothers you a bit.
You head out of the school and into the main area of the space station. You find that many people stare at you and whisper. Most just look in awe, but some glare with hatred in their eyes.
"It's the space lion woman!" comes a cry from behind you.


You turn to see a group of young human males, laughing and huddled together. As they approach, they block you off from the rest of the people in the station.
"Do you really think fighting someone with claws is a good idea?" you ask them.
They don't reply, they just continue to laugh in an evil manner.
"Oh, look at me, I'm a big tough space marine! I'm going to teach this lion-girl a lesson!" one of them shouts, before grabbing you by the arm and twisting it around.

Written by AIDungeoen on 22 March 2021


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