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Daniel expected the door to be locked, but it opened as soon as Pammy pushed the handle. They all went inside and Gassan and Jake pulled the flashlights out of their jackets to enlighten the way. The building seemed empty, only the walls and nothing else. When the military was leaving it, they made sure to take everything with them. It was almost disappointing to see that there was nothing interesting left, but Daniel tried to be happy that the building was as abandoned as it seemed to be.


“We should go upstairs,” David suggested and headed towards the stairs. He was used to people following him thanks to his popularity and charisma, so he didn´t even looked if his friends were still behind him.


“I think that the broken window was at the second floor,” Jake said behind Daniel´s back. It startled Dan, because Jake was unusually quiet today. Daniel looked over his shoulder back at Jake and for the first time noticed the dark circles under his friend´s eyes. It looked like Jake didn´t sleep much during the last few days.


“You mean the window with the green light?” Daniel asked him and Jake only shrugged.


“I remember that light from my dreams,” Gassan said. “It has to do something with the Truth.”


“Could you please stop being so mysterious?” Daniel said angrily. “You´re all making me worried. It´s not funny anymore.”


“Was it funny before?” Pammy asked with raised eyebrows. “I thought that you understood that the dreams weren´t normal dreams.”


“Second floor,” David announced and stopped in the thin corridor. There were multiple door on the both sides and the corridors turning behind the corners. All doors were closed and looked the same, except of the one door on left from under which was coming weak green gleam.


“No more questions until we see for ourselves what´s there,” Pammy decided.

Written by lulu-illussions on 01 January 2017

Into the room

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