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"Got another one of these lousy wretches hiding in the buildings. He must have died hiding from us. The poor sob was clutching a wretch charm." The feline says to the wolf on top of the APC. They all laugh as she throws the body against the side of the APC and tosses the charm up to the wolf. From your estimates it seems the one on the vehicle is in charge. The three on the ground are now rending the corpse limb from limb, making fun at it in the most grotesque manner imaginable.
Just as you're about to scream a paw comes to your muzzle from behind, silences you, and drags you into the embrace of a a taller old fox. He peaks down at your from above and whispers, "Hush child. Come this way and stay quiet." The complete sincerity and kindhearted tone of the older vulpine lends you to trust him, if only in part by instinct. The elderly fox guides you to the rear entrance of the building and sits you down, sniffing and looking you all over in an animalistic manner.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 08 November 2013


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