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You take the shark costume. The costume's tightness forces you to strip, then put the costume on. The costume comes with a swimsuit, which you put on overtop it.


No sooner have you done this than you feel a tingling sensation throughout your body.


The you feel your skin disappearing as you begin to feel what the costume is touching. The costume's tail and muzzle fill out as your spine and face extend. Your toes vanish, replaced with slipper-like feet. Your teeth fall out, replaced by sharper ones. A series of slits open on your neck. You realize that they are gills.


Now you are an anthropomorphic shark.


With the changes complete, you look at your clothes. A bag sits in their place. The bag appears watertight. You look inside it. There you see your clothes. Further examination finds that your clothes are now adapted for your new shark form. One thing that didn't belong to you is a bracelet. Not sure what to make of it, you put it on. It looks quite handsome on you.


Zipping up the bag, you glance at the door. You find that you can open it, but it no longer leads where it led earlier. It leads to a small room with another door at the end.


As soon as you enter the room, the door shuts behind you, and the room begins to fill with water. At first you panic, but then you remember your gills. Breathing underwater for the first time, you try opening the door you came in. No luck.


You try the other door. It opens, leading out into what looks like an underwater environment. It is a very expansive coral reef.


To the left, you see the seafloor slopes upward, indicating that the shoreline is close by. To the right, you see a gloomy mass. It looks like it could be a shipwreck.


You swim out of the room, wondering where you wish to go.

Written by on 10 September 2014


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