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After a moment of thinking, you opened your mouth to speak.
“Okay. I think if he’s as dangerous as you thought he was, then we should definitely take care of him. I’m afraid that it may be too late in terms of allowing him a platform, so at this point maybe we should play our cards smart.
“What do you mean?” Your advisor asked, weary eyed. At this time you decided to give up your folly, shamefully admitting why you had even done this craziness in the first place.
“Well see, I have made a grave mistake allowing him onto the stage. Earlier, when you asked about the speech, I lied about being prepared, hence my panic, and hence my hasty decision.” he nodded his head subtly.
“I see.” he said. “Well I am glad you admitted that, though I’m also appalled by the fact that you’d let it go this far princess…”
“I understand, and am deeply regretful.” you paused, lowering your eyes sadly. “This is why I want to solve this problem in the most thoughtful way possible.” you continued.
It was clear to you that his speech was quickly coming to an end by the tone of his voice as he began to close out. You realized how soon you had to make up your mind, and it began to race once more. The options were quickly running out, and you had to use your quick witts to get you out of this sticky situation.
“What shall we do, princess?” your advisor asked, for a moment you said nothing. Suddenly, the solution seemed oh so clear to you, and you finally figured out what to do to solve the problem.

Written by Driftingdragon on 29 October 2020

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