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Then he noticed that the room behind him was still as empty as when he entered it. Daniel turned around, looking behind himself. He expected his friends to follow him, but so far, he was all alone.


“You can come in, it´s safe,” he called again and waited for some sort of the response which didn´t come. “Come on, guys!”


Suddenly, Daniel felt the little hair on his neck stand up. It was as if someone was watching him. Daniel quickly turned around, but there was no one except of him and his reflection in the mirror.


“Guys, come here,” he yelled over his shoulder, watching his reflection taking haste steps backwards. He turned again and reached towards the door, but it shut closed.




Daniel grabbed the doorknob and tried to open the door, but it wouldn´t move. He bumped his fists on the surface and yelled: “Open! It´s not funny, you hear me?!” Swallowing, he turned to the mirror again. He couldn´t supress the anxious feeling of being watched.


Slowly, Daniel walked to the mirror and touched the surface with his fingertips. The idea of someone, maybe the men from his dreams, standing on the other side and watching him scared him out of his mind. He tapped his hand on the mirror.


“Is anyone there? Hello?”

Written by lulu-illussions on 29 January 2017

Eight minutes before midnight.

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