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As days pass by his conditions only worsen. You've tried yelling, begging, pleading for help but no one does. The bleeding doesn't stop, and all of your blankets are now soaked in blood. You wrap him up again, and stroke his sweaty hair. He's fighting bravely, but at some point he'll have to give up. You hope he never gives up. He twitches and groans in his sleep. You make him open his mouth and let him drink. He still doesn't wake up.


You rip the last blanket, you wish you could use it to keep warm but he needs it more. His breath has become shallow, he's pale, and his cheeks are sunken in. Careful not to hurt him you wrap the bandage around his stomach. You lay by him, hold him to keep him warm. In spite of his sweating, his skin is as cold as the ground.


One morning you hear yelling, and the door is thrown open. Two people walk in, clearly in a very heated argument. A man is throwing up his arms, his yelling grows louder. Suddenly the door to the cell is opened and strong hands grab you. You're picked up, and you yell and scream and reach for the young man. You trash and you see the other man picking up the half wolf, clearly reluctant to.


You're thrown out into the snow. The white snow is turning pink and red around your friend and you feel hot tears streaming down your face. He's shaking and shivering, and his breath is coming out in shaking pants. You shake him, gently at first, then rougher when he doesn't wake up. He doesn't open his eyes, he just groans.

Written by AnxiousRomeo on 22 October 2017

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