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You decided to begin where the majority of the palace was placed, the high up cliff was lined by a thick rocky precipice which caused your head to spin as you looked up at the towering magnificence of this kingdom. When you had arrived you were greeted by a leagues of workers, butlers, greeters, and the like. It was made up in your mind that you were going to speak to every one of these people before you left. Trying your best to learn the most about their culture and what they were doing.
It wasn’t long before you got to the king and queen, two simple anthros. But what you had learned truly shocked you: this kingdom in particular had a strict regime of workers and royalty, the workers spent most of their time in the underground tunnels, while the royalty supplied them with the property tools and things needed to survive. You thought it was a pretty neat system, especially so since the extravagant living situation up top seemed to be well funded as well.
“What is it you are doing here?” the king said to you as you knelt down at the foot of his throne.
“I’m a traveller, trying to discover what is the most special about these kingdoms, the workings of my own had bored me, and therefore I went out to seek more of the world in compensation.” Your short speech had seemed to impress them quite well.
“And your title?” you thought to yourself once again about the word you had read in your studies.
“Anthropologist” you said with a smile.
“Good!” he said, returning the happy attitude, “we will be needing you for some tasks.” you nodded your head happily as you awaited further instructions. Not long after you were escorted to your personal quarters, a hard knock on your door jolted you out of your lounging.
A silver platter with three scrolls had been delivered to you, each with different text and colors to match it. After taking a short amount of time to look and think them over, you had finally decided which of the three you had chosen to pick.

Written by Driftingdragon on 02 August 2020

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