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You sat there bewildered as the misty grey faces hung in suspended motion, they gazed
at you as the conglomerate of gasses began to whisper into your ears. To your surprise you were slowly beginning to understand what the horrifying shrieks of sounds meant. Continuing to listen, you found yourself completely affixed, almost even hypnotized by the mysterious haze.
“We know what you have been doing. We know it’s bad. We know what you have to deal with.” they whispered, their distorted voices had slowly transformed from something which struck fear into your soul, to something that had begun to comfort you.
“Well are you going to do something about that? Or what?!” the high pitched voice of your mother began to ring out, cutting through the softened whispers of the mysterious wisps as they began to envelop you in the vapor. “Disgusting child, you’ll let yourself get all dusty?” she said as she began quickly walking over to the laboratory broom closet.
“We can help you.” your attention was once again brought to the dark swirling skulls as they softly sizzled, projecting their whispers all around you as the white stripes on your body slowly began turning a dark grey color to match the deep values of the air surrounding you.
“I guess I’m going to have to take care of this myself.” she said as she took out an industrial sized shop vac, in hope to eliminate the ‘disgusting’ state of the lab. You still laid there in shock, unsure about what to do now. But the voices around you began to scream into your mind’s eye ‘she will get what’s coming’
What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 11 June 2020

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