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You really hoped this ‘something’ could answer more questions than it’d raise. Getting yourself ready, you searched for anything that resembled a pathway of some sort. It didn’t take long – you spotted a small opening in the trees a short distance off. It certainly didn’t look like a marked pathway, but the way the branches were parted and the grass seemingly pressed down made you think someone used it. At a total lack of options, you went that way. After a while, you started to regret it as one misfortune after another piled on. Your newly acquired abundance of hair was getting tangled up in bushes, branches, and other lovely things. Your tail didn’t get off much better. Your fifth appendage seemed to have a mind of its own, and it insisted on wrapping itself around tree trunks until you forcibly pulled it off.


You still had yet to find a proper road or any passersby. You growled an animalistic growl and raked at your head. “GAH! This is not home! Where’s civilization? Where are the buildings? Where is the nice neighborhood?! Where in God’s name am I?!”


These were the simple you asked yourself as you trudged through the landscape, ignoring its simple, picturesque beauty.


“This day is officially terrible.” You groaned, sighed, and then continued to walk in the random direction you had chosen. You walked for what you assumed was another couple of minutes, sun burning down on you and your new coat of fur. You had to admit, though, it was all a nice change of pace. You weren’t even getting hot and sweaty.


You suddenly stopped dead in your tracks. The path you were following now led down the side of a hill, so you were able to overlook the valley below. At the base, you spotted a single plume of smoke. “Smoke means fire. And fire means civilization! I did it!”

Written by grade-amasterpiece on 02 April 2016

Run to the Smoke

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