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“Hey, baby!” The Golden Retriever shouts, slapping a paw on his thigh. “I’d love to bury my bone in you, how ‘bout it?”


“Ugh...” You shudder, quickening your pace. Did you once shout things like that? “Fuck off, douchebag. I ain’t got time for perverts like you. I’ll be gone soon enough and thank god that I’ll never have to see your ugly mug again!”


“Is that right, honey,” the words drip off the dog’s tongue, though not like honey, as he dashes in front of you and holds up his paw. “You better be spending some good time with me before you blow this joint then. Be a shame to miss out on all of...this.” He spits on the ground and smirks, grabbing his crotch in a move like one that a certain Michael Jackson might have made in your world.


Duly disgusted, you shove the Retriever in the chest and burst into an ungainly run, tail swinging uncontrollably. Now more than ever, you are grateful to not have to hold your trousers up and you lean forward, begging your legs for an extra flare of speed. Shoes and bare hind paws pound the street behind you, hoarse calls feeding terror into your hooves. They are giving chase and you dare not look back. If you look back, you will be like a fox cornered by hounds and they will have you. Don’t look back. To your left, cars slow to a crawl and you catch a glimpse of red lights coupled with road works up ahead.

Written by Amethyst Mare on 09 June 2013

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