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A knock on the bedroom door interrupted Danielle’s quiet contemplation and Pammy barged inside of her room.


She smiled. "Are you ready for the party?"


Danielle snorted. By accident. "Party?"


Daniel had never been the kind of person to enjoy parties, always preferring to stay at home and play games with his friends, but it seemed that Danielle was experiencing a hot thrill upon speculating what a night out partying with Pammy and their friends might entail.


Pammy nonchalantly stripped herself out of her regular clothes getting on her bra and panties without a moment of hesitation. Part of the tigress that still remembered being Daniel wondered if she should feel aroused, but there was a strange sensation of normalcy about it all.
"You don’t mind lending me some of your clothes, right? My mom thinks we will spend the night studying at your house."


Danielle tried to remember if that had ever happened before, was she this kind of… Girl? Tigress?
"I'm not allowed to go out on school nights."


Danielle almost whispered, this had been true before and she was certain that no matter how much things had changed her mother would still impose certain rules.


"Too bad. There's a party on the coast," Pammy said with a cocky smile.


Written by Ashley-natter on 02 February 2018

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