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However, as he did so, Daniel took notice of a strange feeling of numbness beginning to take over his legs. It then spread to the rest of his body; his torso, chest, and arms as he stood there, greeted by the touch of the waves every few moments. While none of it hurt, it just felt...odd. Daniel kept as still as possible as the numbness grew stronger in his legs and feet, until he could hardly feel them; only then did he take a few more steps, the ocean water now lapping at his torso. The numbness subsided; only to replaced with what Daniel thought to be some kind of cramp in his ankles, causing him to gasp and double over - within moments, he had lost balance and splashed into the dark water. Only then did he realize it was more than cramp; a terrible pain in Daniel’s abdomen and chest began to torment him, all while his head was underwater; it wasn’t even deep, but somehow, Daniel couldn’t muster the strength to seek out the surface. Bubbles flew from his mouth as his cries of pain were muffled, and the waves began to kick up, dragging Daniel further out and away from the shallows.


For a frightening, split second, Daniel thought he’d drown - but...he was fine. He didn’t feel the suffocating pressure upon his chest that came with the lack of air, the terrible feeling of being unable to breath. In fact, he felt...nothing. It took him a moment before he had an understandably startling realization; he could breathe underwater. The water filling his lungs didn’t harm him, as it normally would; it had no effect whatsoever. But, this astounding new adaption of his body wasn’t the only thing that surprised him; glancing down at himself; his chest had shaped itself into womanly breasts. Alarmed, as his gaze eventually drifted to his - or rather, her legs and feet, Daniel realized that both her feet and ankles were beginning to change in shape - she cringed as the sharp, cramp-like pain returned to her feet as his toes curled unnaturally, only for her skin and flesh to appear to expand wider on both sides. Her body had long since rejected her own clothing since the start of this strange transformation; anything she wore had seemed to almost dissolve unnaturally in the water, leaving her form bare and naked, with the exception of the coat, that appeared unaffected by it all and remained wrapped securely around her; but she didn’t have to worry about that for too long.


The pain in her legs and feet began to be dulled by numbness, making it a lot more bearable, thankfully; and Daniel watched in wonder as her feet were shaped into what looked like a tailfin, and her ankles appeared to fuse together. Her legs were no more, replaced with a fin that matched her light skin tone. The flesh wasn’t that smooth; the fin was ridged and a little bumpy, strange to look at for the most part, but not unappealing to the eye, surprisingly. Before long, the same earlier pain eased into her slim waist; her body became a little on the chubbier side - and eventually, the pain and numbness spread to her arms. They almost seemed to shrink, numbness clouding the pain as they shifted and formed into smaller fins - only then did the coat become affected - except, instead of dissolving into nothing, it seemed to meld smoothly into his body, around her shoulders and arms as she felt her upper body be subjected to the transformation.

Written by monochromecheshire on 16 May 2017

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