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As you feel the genie's magic coursing through your veins, you are overwhelmed with an intense sensation of heat and pressure. It feels like your body is being pulled apart and reshaped from the inside out. Your bones grind and twist, and your muscles bulge and stretch.


You let out a scream of agony as your body contorts into new and unfamiliar shapes. Your arms and legs shorten, your fingers fuse together into paws, and your skin ripples as your fur sprouts forth. Your jaw elongates into a snout, and your teeth grow into sharp, pointed fangs. Your ears move to the top of your head, becoming more sensitive to the slightest sound.


The transformation is an assault on your senses. Your vision blurs and distorts as your eyes change shape, adapting to the snow leopard's nocturnal lifestyle. Your sense of smell heightens, as you become attuned to the scents of the forest and the prey you will soon hunt. Your hearing sharpens, allowing you to pick up on sounds that were previously inaudible.


As your body completes its metamorphosis, you are overcome with a sense of disorientation and confusion. You feel like a stranger in your own skin, unfamiliar with the shape and form of your new body. You struggle to adjust to the new way of moving, with a powerful stride that propels you effortlessly through the snow.


As the physical transformation subsides, the mental changes begin. You notice changes in your thinking as well. Your mind becomes more primal and focused, attuned to the instincts of a snow leopard. You think in images and sensations, rather than in words and concepts. You are more in tune with your surroundings, able to navigate the landscape with ease and grace.


As you revel in your new form, you suddenly become aware of a strange sensation deep within you. It takes a moment to identify the feeling, but as it becomes stronger, you realize that it is a powerful maternal instinct rising within you. You feel an intense urge to protect and nurture, to ensure the survival of your offspring.


It takes a moment for the reality to sink in, but as you look down at your sleek and powerful form, you realize that you are not just a snow leopard - you are a female snow leopard.


Despite the initial shock, you find that the maternal instinct feels natural and right. You feel a deep sense of responsibility towards your cubs, even though they do not yet exist. You are more in tune with the rhythms of nature, able to anticipate changes in the weather and the behavior of prey animals. You feel a sense of pride and purpose in the knowledge that you are part of a cycle of life and death that has existed for millennia.


As you explore your new surroundings, you find yourself drawn to the secluded corners of the animal park, seeking out hidden dens and safe spaces where you can raise your young. Despite the physical and emotional changes that have taken place, you find that some part of your human self remains. You are still aware of your past life, and you remember the people you left behind.

Written by ChatGPT on 26 February 2023

The end (for now)

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