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Terrified, you try to run, but the genie pokes your stomach lightly and orange fur starts to grow on your stomach.Seeing the spreading fur, you fall over in fear as you know your human days are numbered.


You feel a slight press on your shirt as breasts begin to develop beneath them. Soon, the fur begins to spread in all directions. You start to feel warm there, as the fur begins to hold in more heat than you are used to. You start to feel your hips widen a little and feels something disappear between your legs. The fur has now spread to this area and gains speed in covering your body.


You start to feel your new breasts fully develop as your nose and mouth move farther from your face. You gasp at the pain that ensues and feel your ears move to the top of your head and enlarge. You begins to feel the fur completely cover your body now and start to itch yourself badly.


You feels your fingers start to develop pads and claws. You look down at your feet to see that you now own a set of fox paws and you shiver in fear. You feel your snout fully develop and ears grow to full length, but you fear the transformation is not complete. Suddenly, one by one, nine tails erupt from your backside and you whimper in pain.You fall down in relief now that the transfiguration is now complete.

Written by Ninja Fox on 21 May 2011

The end (for now)
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