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You let out a loud yawn, stretch your arms out in front of you, flex your fingers and let your claws come out as you stretch. You look over to Lowtar and smile as you see his body rise and fall with each tiny breath. You push your face forward and give his forehead a small kiss before getting up. You push yourself up and stretch, bringing your lower body down to the floor and raising your backside up into the air. You hear a few small clicks in your back but you are still loose and relaxed from the night before. You look around Lowtar's home and smile inwardly, this place wasn't so bad. Sure, there isn't a lot of leg room and there were aren't many books or other things you can really do to entertain yourself but was nice and cozy. You can see yourself living here. You can see yourself snuggling up to Lowtar every night.


You move over to Lowtar's cooking station. You prepare a simple stew for him. He wakes up thanks to the smell of your food, you bring some over to him. He smiles at you, making you feel all tingly inside, though in a different way than last night. There is no other way to put it, you felt happy. You lay down next to Lowtar bringing your own a bowl of stew with you. As you lay down next to him he wraps his tail around your waist and pulls you in closer. You let out a little yup though as you look at him with a playful smirk, "So what's on the agenda today?” you ask. Lowtar looks at you and then at his stew. He grabs the spoon and spins the liquid around in it a few times before saying in a nonchalant manner, "I guess… we figure out where you fit into the tribe." You look at him and then click your tongue to the roof of your mouth. "I guess, I guess I'd rather do something more gathering based then hunting based. I don't think I'm fast enough for that," you say softly. Lowtar looks back at you and says, "That's okay, for the most part the males hunt around here. There are a few females who come along with us occasionally, but they are rare breeds," he says smiling trying to reassure you.


You look away from him, unsure how to respond. Even if he is telling the truth about the females you still felt insignificant because you aren't a very good hunter. Lowtar looks at you and licks your cheek before saying, "Don't worry Serena, there are lots of things you can do. You can try sewing, you can collect herbs and spices to enhance our meals. You can work at taking care of cubs, you could try and find an entertainment job." The mention of cubs throws you. You knows he was talking about children of course but the idea still mades you feel uncomfortable. "I don't think I'd be very good at that… I've never been good at the whole nurturing thing," you say. You remember vague shadows of your past, though most of your mind has been wiped.


Lowtar kisses your cheek and says, "Don't worry, we will find something for you to do. Why don't you and I go out and try and figure out where you fit in eh?” he says before standing. He walks to the door before you even have a chance to respond. You quickly get to my feet and follow him out into the tribe.


Lowtar shows you around town and you try to figure out what job you could take in the tribe. You both think you should look into herb gathering first as that would be something fairly easy you could do. Lowtar takes you out into the fields and starts pointing out different herbs and plants that are good to cook with but would also be good for medicinal salves. However, as you explore with him you begin to feel stupid as you can't tell most plants apart. Lowtar shows you examples of good plants and bad plants but most of them look identical to you. You could accidentally poison someone if you aren't careful. You tell him that maybe another job would be best for you. He lets out a sigh but agrees.


Lowtar leads you back into the village and takes you to Elise, old lioness with long silver. The lioness starts to show you her weaving machine. It is a giant wooden structure with two wooden bars in the middle. She starts to work on it as an example for you, and what I witnesses I can only describe as a pair of invisible spiders weaving a delicate of colors as the lioness starts making a small blanket. Elise is about halfway through her pattern when she offers you a chance to try weaving. You look at Lowtar unsure. You feel butterflies crashing around in your stomach. Lowtar and Elise encourage you to try the machine. You sit down and begin to weave. You go slowly so you do not to mess up her pattern. However after a few minutes it starts to feel natural. You start to really pick up the motions and your hands move up and down in and out as you weave the fabric. It feels strange but natural. It clicks in your my brain unlike anything you have experienced before.

Written by kamenriderfire on 26 November 2017

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