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You feel something growing on your feet. You look at your feet and see they are covered in yellow fur. You feel and see the fur growing on your legs. Now your feet and legs are covered in yellow fur. Then your belly begins growing fur and both of your arms are growing fur. Then you’re hands are growing fur and last your head is growing fur. Your hair blends in with your new yellow fur. You are now completely covered in a warm and soft yellow fur. You feet weird. You look at your feet and see they are becoming paws. Your hands feel the same weird feeling your feet did and you see them become paws, just like your feet did. You feel something above your butt. You see a lion’s tail has grown. Now your face is feeling weird as your ear become lion ear and move to the top of your head. Finally, your face becomes the face of lion. You look at your self and see you transformed into a anthro lion. You can still talk just like a human and stand on two legs just like a human.

Written by on 21 December 2018

Your transformation isn
The shopkeeper comes over to see how you're doing

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