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Inside the box was a fursuit. He only knew what it was because of Jake.


"Who would send me a fursuit?" he asks the empty room.


There's nothing else in the box, no instructions or anything. Just a note printed on a piece of paper:
 To Daniel
 We hope you enjoy your new suit.


 Best wishes,
 Your friends


Daniel stares down at the fursuit, trying to figure out why they sent it to him. He looks around the room, wondering if anyone's watching, listening. If they wanted to prank him, this is the perfect way to do it: something he doesn't expect, some joke he'll overlook.
He takes off his clothes and gets into the suit. It is a prefect fit. He stretches and wiggles until he feels comfortable, then walks around his room.


This is the first time he's worn a fursuit. It's strange, being covered in fur, the feeling of it against his skin, the sound of his claws clicking when he moves. The texture of the fabric makes him feel more connected to the fursuit than he does to his own body.
He wonders what his parents would think. Would they tell him to get rid of it? Or maybe they'd ask him why? Would they ask him if he plans to go furry? And if so, why?
His mind races ahead, imagining himself walking around the house in a fursuit, looking through the windows, seeing their faces when they notice him.


His mother chooses this moment to enter the room and tell him dinner is ready, ignoring the fursuit. He goes to take it off but is told to not waste time and to get down to the table. Despite being in the fursuit his family ignores the strangeness. By the end of the meal he has gotten used to eating with the mask on.
As soon as dinner is finished he tries to get back to normal clothes but is forced to play board games with the family while still wearing the fursuit. Soon he has forgotten all about it and falls asleep still wearing it.
He wakes up in the morning, realizing he fell asleep wearing the fursuit. He tries to remove it but cannot find any seems on it.
After breakfast he gives up on taking it off, his parents still not noticing it, before he heads off to school.

Written by NovelAi on 24 April 2022

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