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Picking a necklace up you place it around your neck. You look around for a mirror before noticing a growing vine growing in the room.
Looking around you find it's not just the vine. the entire room is being overtaken by vegetation, with vines snaking up through holes and cracks to reach every part of the room . The plants are lush and green, but they're also covered in thorns that have been sharpened into points. Before too long the room is a ruin covered in thick ivy and other greenery. It looks like a jungle has taken over this room! You look outside to find thick jungle. There must be at least thirty foot tall trees everywhere you can see


Looking back in the room the last traces of the store has disappeared as well. The necklace grows warm as you look around. Almost like it is guiding you towards something. It leads you to a doorway that you were sure was a wall before. Inside the new room you find a collection of statues of bipedal animals of various levels of humanity. They all seem very lifelike and detailed. A few seem to move slightly as you walk past them. Looking closer you notice there is writing on some of their backs. Some say things such as "I am human not a animal" . Looking closer you realize behind each statue is a hallway . You go to walk back to the original room but the necklace turns so cold you are forced to turn back. The necklace only regains it's warmth once you go past a statue and into the hallway behind it. As soon as you enter the hallways you feel a rush of energy flow from the walls to your body.

Written by catprog on 19 August 2021

The end (for now)
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